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Meet Vance - The official V-Bio ... in my own words
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Did you always want to be an entertainer? Why did you choose music?
I used to watch TV and dream of being one of the Watch Sesame Street kids on Sesame Street. I was shy, so it took some doing to overcome the shyness. The first few years I performed I was so nervous on stage that I was often ill, but I wanted to do it, so I eventually got over it.

Listen to Vance while you read.*When we started out playing music I know I didn’t get into it for the perks. I didn’t get into it for girls, I didn’t get into it to own a fancy car. I got into it to imitate the Beatles and Elvis Presley, that’s why - because I wanted to be like them.

Were you involved in music or performing in school? Were the guys in the Mosquitos friends from school?
I didn't take music classes in school, or walk around with a guitar. Most people didn't even know I played and were suprised to see me playing in the clubs. I was seventeen when I started The Mosquitos and still in high school, but the other guys were older.

1983 Mosquitos open for The Ramones - Click for a larger image. A couple of us had been in my other band, Quisp, and several guys had been in the Fabians. I quit my summer job at an auto body shop to start the band. I knew I would have to dedicate myself full-time for it to be a success.

We all liked sixties music and did some
Watch Vance perform cover songs with the Mosquitos. covers, but mostly original tunes that I wrote.Watch Vance perform his original songs with the Mosquitos. We got our start at Chelseas where we did the Sunday shows sponsored by One Way Records owner Dave Larue. We worked hard rehearsing at least four times a week. One night we'd work only on vocals. The practice paid off and we were popular in Long Island and NYC .... even opened for the Ramones at Southampton College in 1983.

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*Audio clip from August 18, 2007 interview by Mason Ramsey www.rockandrollheaven.net



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